JANNIK Best Pet Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator. Professional Industrial Strength Cleaner and Neutralizer of Urine Smell and Tough Stains (32 ounces).

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Manufactured by JANNIK

Your secret to eliminating stains and odors in your home, boat, RV and office…The results speak for themselves! Does your home or space have recent stains or odors? Do you find it frustrating when you can’t remove them with other products? Problem solved! With Pet Peeve Stain & Stink Remover you will remove those stains and odors with ease. Here’s how it works: Purchase your bottle of Pet Peeve ASAP. Follow the directions on the bottle or tips in a PDF we will email you after your bottle is shipped. The theory behind a bacteria-based product is very technical but really quite simple. Bacteria are living micro-organisms. Like any living thing, they must have food in order to live. For example, when applied to carpeting, the bacteria will create enzymes to break down the urine into tiny pieces in order for the bacteria to digest the food. They will eat the urine to survive. Once the food source is gone, the bacteria will die. No more urine, no more bacteria and no more odors! Keep in mind that if your pet (or child) has digested something that contains either chemicals or dyes, removing the stain(s) will be much more difficult. What can you expect with Pet Peeve Stain & Stink Remover? Our Linen Fresh fragrance solution eliminates stains and odors. It does not mask them like scented candles and other air fresheners. The bottle is constructed of high quality plastic, making it strong, durable and will not leak or clog. Works on almost any surface or fabric such as carpet, curtains or furniture. Useful on stains created by urine, vomit and other organic matter. Here is the EVS Brands promise: when you purchase from our company, you’ll get our high-quality stain and stink remover with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, keep the bottle and we will refund your money. What are you waiting for? Click “Add to Cart” at the top of this page to eliminate your stain and odor problems now!



Manufactured by JANNIK

  • VET TESTED AND APPROVED – This product is absolutely NON-TOXIC and never tested on animals.
  • YOUR SEARCH FOR HELP IS OVER – Our odor & stain eliminator really WORKS! We designed the bottle to be heavy-duty as well so you can take it camping, on the boat or RV.
  • GOOD BACTERIA AND ENZYMES – Many products contain only enzymes. Enzymes ONLY break up the urine, bacteria consumes the urine. Pet Peeve contains both!
  • PET PEEVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our guarantee is unlike many other products. Whether you use a little or the entire bottle, return the bottle or keep it. Either way you will receive 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


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