JANNIK BluKat Cat Litter Box Deodorizer – Odor Eliminator – Moisture Absorber – 11 ounces

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Manufactured by JANNIK

Does Your Home Smell Like A Litter Box? Most Guests Will Never Tell You. . .

Now You Can Eliminate Cat Urine Odor with BluKat Cat Litter Box Deodorizer.

Don’t worry whether your guests are offended by cat urine smell when they visit you.

BluKat Cat Litter Box Deodorizer helps you eliminate urine smell throughout your home by attacking cat urine head on. BluKat Cat Litter Box Deodorizer is your secret weapon for a litter box odor eliminator and moisture absorber at the source of the problem in your cat box.

Made with corn cob, it’s better than common household powders often used in an attempt to eliminate cat urine odor. BluKat Cat Litter Box Deodorizer is a safe and effective litter box odor eliminator. A natural moisture absorber, the earth-friendly granules absorb moisture up to 150%, instantly eliminate cat urine odor, control litter box odor, and extend the life of your favorite cat litter.

BluKat Cat Litter Box Deodorizer has a pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering. Both you and your cat will like the fresh, clean smell of your kitty litter box.

It’s easy to use. Just measure 1 – 2 Tablespoons of granules from the shaker-top cylinder and add to your favorite cat litter.

Each 11 oz. box contains approximately 40 rounded Tablespoons of granules. Amount and frequency needed to control litter box odor will vary. Odors from cat urine are affected by many factors such as diet and body chemistry.

Absorbent granules mix with any traditional or clumping cat litter.

Think Outside The Cat Box! Strong enough to eliminate cat urine odor in the litter box, BluKat Cat Litter Box Deodorizer will eliminate odor anywhere in your home. Works great as an odor neutralizer and moisture absorber in a trash can. It’s extremely effective as a trash compactor deodorizer. Use it as a pet odor neutralizer in pet carriers and kennels.



Manufactured by JANNIK

  • Cat Litter Deodorizer Granules Instantly Eliminate Cat Urine Odor – Destroy Litter Box Odor In Your Cat Box Without Disturbing Your Kitty’s Litter Habits
  • Natural Litter Deodorizer And Moisture Absorber – Made With Corn Cob – Earth-Friendly Granules Absorb Moisture Up To 150% – Highly Absorbent Granules Are More Effective Than Common Household Powders
  • Control Litter Box Odor With BluKat Cat Litter Box Deodorizer – Cat Litter Lasts Longer – Concentrated – Use 1 to 2 Tablespoons – Granules Mix Easily With Any Traditional or Clumping Cat Litter – Not Intended For Use In Self-Flushing Systems That Use Water To Clean Litter
  • Effective Odor Neutralizer Attacks To Eliminate Odor In Your Home – Cat Litter Box Deodorizer – Trash Compactor Deodorizer – Trash Can Odor Eliminator – Pet Odor Neutralizer In Pet Carriers and Kennels – Eliminate Odor In Problem Areas Such As Closets
  • Best Litter Box Odor Eliminator and Litter Deodorizer – Fresh and Clean Smell In Litter Box – Fragrance Is Not Overpowering – Money Back If Not Satisfied – No Questions Asked



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