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JANNIK Wirezoll 24 inch Pet Dog Playpen Exercise Pen 8-Pannel

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by JANNIK

The aim of Merax pet products series is to take good care of our pets by heart! Our pens are manufactured with high-quality, E-Coat finish ,all-steel wire. This playpen can be used as a kennel , barrier, or for other purposes, both indoors and outdoors. The wire design gives your pet a very good vision and a chance to be close to grass. The U-Shaped stickers can provide more stability when used outdoors. 8 panels are flexible so that can be easily converted into an array of shapes and sizes, suitable for a variety of pets. When folded flat, the pen measures only 3 inches tall and easy to store. Just choose this pen to give your pet a living environment full of comfort and love.

E-Coat finish, all-steel wire
Expandable, modular design for multiple configurations and shapes
Round edges design provide protection
U-Shaped stickers provide more stability
Easy to set up and fold up
8 panels, 2 lock latches, 8 U-shaped stickers include


REGIROCK 2019 Upgrade Version Barking Control Collar – Rechargeable & Rainproof No Bark Collar Sound, Vibration Static Shock – 7 Levels Sensitivity Small Medium Large Dog

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by JANNIK

* Features: – High Quality: It is made of strong casing with metal probe and comfortable, adjustable reflective strap to ensure the safety of your dogs. – Easy To Use: The collar has a digital display with touch buttons for power, vibration, shock & sensitivity button. Adjustable mode: 1- 7 levels adjustable sensitivity, 0-7 gears of the vibration/shock. – Rechargeable Battery: This collar can be fully recharged in about 1 hour and last for about 14 days, solving the issue of replacing batteries frequently. – Warranty: If you have any quality issue with the training collar, please feel free to contact us in 30 days for the refund and a 1-year warranty.


– Please charge the product with an adapter that exceeds 1A. The digital screen displays the battery power when waking up or no operation.

– Please adjust the collar to an apposite size. It is necessary that the prongs touch the dogs’ skin. Adjusting it too loose may cause no reaction, and too tight may cause skin damage.

– Do not put it on your dogs for a long time. It’s better to put it on only when training. Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day.

– Never tie dog rope on the collar, it will cause excessive pressure to dogs’ throat.

– Please clean the area that touched the dog and the prongs with a damp fabric.

– Examine the contact area daily to find the signs of a rash or a sore. If a rash or a sore is found and the condition persists beyond 48 hours, consult your veterinarian.

– The no bark collars are training aids, not a punishment. Don’t let your dog sleep with the collar on, or it would trigger when he/she yawns.

– Please be on the alert: if your dogs keep barking even when the collar is beeping, it could be an emergency that needs to be dealt with.